Sistemas Comunicación Audiovisual

Audiovisual communication systems

Professional Audiovisual Solutions

We are specialist in interactive and dynamic audiovisual communication systems for social and cultural exhibition equipment.

Audiovisual Communication Systems

The public and private spaces designed for the diffusion of culture, art and congresses require interactive and dynamic communication systems that allow the visitor to know the spaces and the whole of the activity. Solucpro, S.L. offers you the widest variety of projection equipment, large screens, touch screens, monitors, audio systems and interactive software that allow comprehensive communication.

Our proposals are oriented to give visibility to the set of spaces and activities beyond the singular events. Halls, workshop rooms, small projection rooms, recording or large auditoriums are the target of an integral communication and easy access for children, youth and adults.

We work with engineering and architectural studies for the design of the project and execution on workmanship; in the stage of equipment, start-up and afterwards maintenance.

Professional Products for Audiovisual Communication

  • Needs Detection

    Needs Detection

    Everything you need for video producers, and television channels.
    ENG cameras and stage (SONY, JVC), in High Definition and 4 K, Continuity Systems for television broadcast (Cinegy), lighting, archive management, microphone (Shure), tripods (Manfrotto), Video editing, Wireless video broadcast systems (Paralinx).

  • Concept and Planning

    Concept and Planning

    Solucpro designs, sells and installs, conference and debate systems (DIS, Bosch) with recording for archiving of images captured in meeting rooms, or sessions in town halls or parliaments, being able to broadcast live through streaming.

  • Equipment Spaces

    Equipment Spaces

    For current cinematographic recordings, the cost is reduced thanks to the quality of the new cameras in 4K, 6K and 8K, which we distribute with leading brands in the sector such as JVC, Blackmagic, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, with its Cinema optics, and the projection in large halls with High Definition projectors and 4K.

Detection of needs, concepts and planning and equipment cultural spaces

Concepto y planificacion audiovisual


We detect the audiovisual needs of the client, in joint meeting, to develop a project that helps the growth of the business by implementing the latest technological developments.

Together with the client, we analyze what audiovisual needs you need to install hence that the performance is the maximum at the minimum cost.

It is important that the meeting rooms are equipped with equipment such as videoconferencing (Yealink, Sony) to establish contact with other locations for kilometres away without having to physically move, viewing the images on high-definition or 4K monitors (Smart, Sony) , or video projectors (Sony, JVC), with quality audio, and with collaborative systems (Smart) that increase the productivity of the interlocutors, sending presentations and graphics through the computer, with polling systems, voting, and even modifying documents among the attendees.

All this can be recorded on an SD card, which serves as a file for future meetings. The space can be automated (Extron), where we can raise and lower the light level, display the projection screen (Projecta), commute the audio with external sources such as a DVD, etc.

Necesidades audiovisuales del cliente


Due to technological progress, the need to use audiovisual media to collaborate between companies, reducing costs, requires the implementation of videoconferencing systems in businesses, with collaborative software and visualization on 4K monitors.

In the companies, public spaces, Institutions, teaching centers, University, Classrooms of culture, Palaces of Congresses, etc, interactive and dynamic communication systems are needed that allow the client to perceive the contents in a clear and precise way. To do this, Solucpro designs, sells and installs videoconferencing systems equipment that, with a consensus planning with the buyer, ensures the correct functioning of the configuration.

We collaborate with architectural companies, computer networks, furniture design, engineering, specialized technicians of different audio and video brands, etc. Any event and need can be developed through communication systems based on interactive softwares, large monitors, videoconferencing, video projection, amplification and sound recording, photographic printing, microphones for debates...

Any installation is open to be expanded in the future, scalable to grow, and be a reference in the audiovisual market, with the latest technological developments.

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