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Our products and facilities are adapted to the big and small companies attending to the communication needs between collaborators and clients in every corner of the planet.

Technologies for Corporate Communication

The demand for reliable communication systems has grown steadily in latest years. At the same time that the complexity of the organizations and the globalist of the markets increase, it is necessary that the information reaches every corner of the planet with quality, precision and confidentiality.

Solucpro, S.L. provides solutions for each area of communication and audiovisual presentation. We bring the video, the voice and the work documents thanks to the most modern systems of presentations, videoconferences, remote offices and smart telephony. The aim is to help you with the communication between your collaborators and clients.

Optimal and reliable solutions guarantee the highest quality for any space in the organization: conference rooms, auditoriums, product exhibition areas, meetings or jobs. We have partners in software development, architects and designers who integrate design and functionality.

Adapting the technology of audiovisual communication to the needs of each company, according to its size, market and sector and relying on our commitment to have a continuous improvement.

Technological Solutions for Corporate Communication

  • Videoconference

    Technological Solutions for Corporate Communication

    Videoconferencing (Sony, Yealink), is a system that allows us to save costs, in addition to visualizing, speaking and managing documents, with other companies located at other points, with virtual meeting rooms in the cloud (Go Facing).

  • Projection

    Technological Solutions for Corporate Communication

    It is essential to have portable projectors (Casio, Sony), or installed in meetings, for meetings rooms (Sony), which facilitate the explanation of documents, either in portable projection screens or electrical (Projecta).

  • Interactivity

    Technological Solutions for Corporate Communication

    The professional monitors, as well as the Digital Slates (Smart), have interactive collaboration systems, where all participants can fill out surveys, vote, show documents... being filed on an SD card.

Videoconference, projection and interactivity



System that allows us to save costs, in addition to visualizing, speaking and managing documents, with other companies located in other points, with virtual meeting rooms in the cloud.

The Videoconference (Sony, Yealink) facilitates communication between different points (clients, delegations, students, etc.) simultaneously, participative and in both directions, where we can perceive the audio and video of each venue, as well as sharing data extracted from the computer, such as power point presentations, photographs, statistics, etc.

It will help us reduce business travel and subsistence expenses, and attendees can be multiple. The system is composed of a professional high-definition camera, a microphone for voice pickup, speakers for hearing conversation, and a hardware-software that manages it, as well as displaying it on a projection screen, or a high-definition monitor, which in turn can be interactive (Smart).

There are systems that can connect with other venues through video conferencing rental in the cloud (Go Facing) by going to a virtual room from any web browser, through Microsoft, Lynux, etc. The act of the videoconference is recorded and recorded on a simple SD card.

El acto de la videconferencia queda registrado y grabado en una simple tarjeta SD..

Proyectores portátiles o instalados en salas">


It is essential to have portable projectors for meetings, or installed in rooms, to facilitate the explanation of documents, either on portable or electrical projection screens).

Nobody imagines a meeting room or an assembly hall, a company, institution or teaching center, without a projection system and a screen to reflect the images released from a USB memory stick, DVD, computer or other video source.

Solucpro analyzes the passenger compartment and the number of people who will meet, to advise and install, a manual projection screen (Fonestar), if the roof is low, or an electric screen (Projecta) larger in size, that can be deployed through remote control.

They can be formats of 1:1; 4: 3; 16: 9, perforated for movies, etc. The video projectors, can be portable (Casio) with led manufacture, without change of lamp; of fixed installation in ceiling (Sony, Epson, JVC); short distance (Sony); Interactive (Sony, Smart, Epson); Home Cinema (Sony, JVC); pocket projectors (Vivitek); for large spaces (Sony).

The technological advance has developed the laser technology for high brightness video projectors (Sony), which means that there is no lamp change, having a life of approximately 20,000 hours. Its usual resolution is usually XGA, WUXGA, Full HD or 4K.

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