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Professional Audiovisual Solutions Blog

Blog sobre Soluciones Profesionales Audiovisuales

Excellent sound in Steinberg’s Cubase 9.5 video edition

Any video edition always needs the best sound. From our advice offering professional audiovisual solutions, in this case we recommend one of the best digital audio workstations in the market. Cubase 9.5 by Steinberg is a kind of software perfectly prepared for music professionals. Therefore, we speak of a tool that will provide excellent sound […]

Power business and educational performance with Smart Kapp IQ and IQ Pro

The technological world of professional audiovisual solutions also offers innumerable advantages to the educational and institutional sector. Write on a whiteboard about PDF files, share screen wirelessly with tablets and endless possibilities. These benefits and many more can be obtained thanks to the technology of Smart Kapp IQ and IQ Pro. There are interactive products […]

Create your virtual scenario with Ultimatte 12 from BlackMagic Design

The best audiovisual installations come from SolucPro. In this case, we present a system to insert high quality images in the production of audiovisual programs, such as all kinds of news programs and even movies. This is Ultimatte 12, a digital composer suitable for the superimposing of high quality images and even elements of augmented […]

The platform for online video and live streaming JVC Videocloud

Solucpro, provider of professional audiovisual solutions, has excellent distributions of professional audiovisual products. We facilitate the work to all those who want to promote in video, economically and easily, their brand on the network. In this case, a suitable work platform is presented to emulate television productions. It is a solution that not only responds […]

JVC launches the new 4KCAM product line

JVC Professional has launched today its new 4KCAM product line, consisting of four new cameras, three handheld and one independent camera head system. Two of the cameras incorporate optics, the GY-HM200E is a versatile 4K HD Ultravideo camera with all functions including HD streaming and the compact GY-HM170E offers 4K Ultra HD images in an economical camera with professional features.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award to SolucPro

We have been awarded with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award Futuro Avilés in its eighteenth edition. It is granted by the Chamber of Commerce in order to serve as a stimulus and recognition to newly created companies based in the region.